Project Name: Community Health Care Nurse Duration of training: 1 year Place of training: District based organizations will arrange their own objectives. Eligibility for Community Health Care Nurse Training: 1) S, S, C or equivalent side 2) Age maximum 30 years

Bangladesh is a huge populous country. The single effort of the government to control the health of these seas is very difficult and challenging. When it comes to health control, the first thing to think about is health awareness. This work of health awareness is going on uninterruptedly in public and private sectors. The Society for General Medical Physicians of Bangladesh has been working for a long time as a complement to the government through timely publicity campaigns and various activities. At present, "Community Health Care Nurses" are urgently needed in the country's health sector, which is already popular among the countries of the world. The Society for General Medical Physicians of Bangladesh has initiated a nationwide “Community Health Care Nurse” training program which is analyzed in the form of a project.

Goals and Objectives: 1. It is defined as the synthesis of nursing applied to promoting and protecting the health of population. 2. It is a specialized field of nursing that focuses on the health needs of communities, aggregates, and in particular vulnerable populations. 3. It is a practice that is continuous and comprehensive directed towards all groups of community members. 4. It combines all the basic elements of professional, clinical nursing with public health and community practice. 5. It synthesizes the body of knowledge from public health science and professional nursing theories to improve the health of communities.

Characteristics of Community health Nursing Six important characteristics of community health nursing are particularly salient to the practice of this specialty. 1. It is a specialty field of nursing. 2. Its practice combines public health with nursing 3. it is population focused. 4. it emphasizes on wellness and other than disease or illness 5. it involves inter-disciplinary collaboration 6. it promotes client’s responsibility and self-care Public Health Nursing

Work of Community Health Care Nurses: 1) Taking the medicine according to the prescription of the patient. 2) BP, Blood Sugar, dressing, injection, insulin etc. to be done according to the prescription. 3) Counseling with the patient for peace of mind. 4) To increase the awareness of living according to the rules of health. 5) To arrange for emergency patients to be sent to the hospital by providing first aid. 6) To provide services as a companion to the mentally and handicapped patients. 6) Creating nutritious food menu for patients, giving physiotherapy.

Benefits of Community Health Care Nurses: 1) To prevent unemployment of educated unemployed youth. 2) It will play a huge role in disease prevention. 3) To take the lead in various areas of crowdfunding, harassment, waste of time, patients etc. 4) Old age, disability, helpless patients will create peace of mind. 5) Increased focus on family activities or work. 6) It will play a role in preventing the spread of various diseases. 6) The country and the nation will play a groundbreaking role in health awareness work.